The ADA at 26: How America and Financial Services Have Changed

Many of today's youngest financial advisors have never lived in a country where people were not protected from discrimination on the basis of a disability. Yet, civil rights are a relatively new advancement for people living with special needs in America. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was a landmark moment in the path to ensure full inclusion in our society. Many financial services professionals today help make full inclusion more of a reality. To mark the 26th anniversary of the ADA, The American College MassMutual Center for Special Needs convened a panel to talk about how the ADA changed America and how the financial services profession was different before this law. The discussion centered on how the profession can recruit more people with disabilities as financial advisors, how companies today are serving people with disabilities and their families, and practical steps that the industry can take to fulfill the full-inclusion promise of the ADA.


Adam Beck, JD - Director of The American College MassMutual Center for Special Needs


Kane Brolin, CFP® - Financial Advisor, Brolin Wealth Management

Joseph P. Mallee III - CEO, MassMutual Eastern Pennsylvania

Terri Matthews - Founder and CEO, Jaden’s Voice, Inc.

Maria Town - Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement, The White House